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Like Father Like Son | Baby Impy Stout


Brewed from the same batch. Made from the same mash.

The Father is jet black as the night sky and luxurious as a thick blanket of glowing stars, Like Father Like Son takes your senses on a stellar voyage through time and taste. Intense dark chocolate, sticky molasses and soft prune sweetness flavours create a smooth, decadent mouthfeel that perfectly combines with smouldering aromas of chocolate, brown sugar and roasted coffee beans.

The Son may not possess equal strength, but it has all complex attributes of its Father – rich toffee caramel and dark fruit flavours combine with luxurious roasted coffee and dark chocolate aromas.





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Like Father Like Son – Baby Impy Stout (7.8%) 330ml Can, Like Father Like Son – Impy Stout (10.8%) 330ml Can, Original 6 Pack, Dessert 6 Pack, 5 Litre Keg (10.8%), 5 Litre Keg (7.8%)