Get 50% XTRA Beer

Limited Time Voucher Offer

Win for you. Win for the brewery.

Everyone’s going through tough times right now, and this special offer helps us all out.

Buy one of our Beer Vouchers and we’ll give you 50% Xtra beer. That’s 50% more flavour, taste and beer greatness for free!

You love beer. And we love brewing it. Everybody wins.

How does it work?

For every £1 you spend, you’ll get back £1.5in beer vouchers. 

Buy a voucher today (or before the 50% Xtra promotion closes) and redeem from July 4th for 50% more value than you paid.

The  offer starts June 3rd and runs for a maximum of 30 days.  

If we hit our sales target early, the offer will end so don’t miss out!

3 Easy Steps


Buy one of our
50% Xtra vouchers


We’ll email you
a unique code


Start ordering
your beer July 4th

What beer can I buy?

You can select a number of great beers from our award-winning Ascot Brewing stable, and our new hop-forward Disruption is Brewing range, including 330ml cans, 5lt and 10lt beer boxes and branded merchandise.

Delivery is free if you live within 15 miles of the brewery.

Disruptive times, calls for disruptive offers. We want to support craft beer lovers across the country by giving them more great tasting beer for less.
Chris Davies
Ascot Brewing Company

Questions & Answers


Why are we doing this?

For the first time in Ascot Brewing’s history, we will begin canning in-house. We want to celebrate this new beginning with the world and give everyone the opportunity to taste our delicious brews straight out of the can.

The government’s lock down and specifically the closure of pubs due to Covid-19 has also significantly reduced our beer sales. We’ve designed our Xtra 50% special offer as a way to increase revenues and at the same time build stronger relationships with our customers online and in the Taproom.


When will I receive my beer?

You will receive your beer within a few days of redeeming your voucher. As we expect there to be a large volume of sales during this period, we will do our best to get you your beers as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience as we get your orders out to you. Deliveries will be sent out in order of when vouchers were redeemed.


Why are we charging for delivery?

We believe this promotion provides excellent value for money – unfortunately, it doesn’t stretch to the delivery companies part in the process. However, if you live within 15 miles of the brewery you will get free delivery.


Can I use my existing discount level as a shareholder?

No. This promotion is not in addition to any existing discounts we provide. Existing discount codes can still be used when buying from us in the normal way.


Can I check my 50% Xtra balance?

You will be emailed a unique 50% Xtra Voucher code once you purchaee your voucher. Use this link to find out how much money you have left -


Why do I have to give personal information?

We need this information to complete your delivery, process payment and protect against fraud.


How long is the offer available for?

We will run the Xtra 50% offer for a maximum of 30 days or until we reach our target. We also reserve the right to stop the scheme at any time during the process.


Can it be used for merchandise?

Yes! You can use your Xtra 50% on Ascot Brewing and Disruption is Brewing merchandise like T shirts, glasses, bottle openers and much more. Check our online shop for all our merch.


Does the voucher expire?

The voucher will expire 6 months after its issue date.


Can I use the voucher in the Taproom?

Yes, you can use you vouchers in the Taproom. We hope to be one of the first to open given the amount of space we have. As soon as we’re ready to open our doors, you’ll be the first to know.


Can I check the outstanding balance online?

Yes. If you create a profile, you will be able to keep track of your balance, order history and other personal details


If order more than your remaining Voucher Balance?

You can always pay the difference with your credit or debit card.


Can someone else use my card?

Yes. If you share you details with another person, they will essentially be redeeming your voucher’s value; as you. They will still have to enter the applicable delivery address so that they can get the beer sent to the right place.


How many vouchers can I buy?

You can buy as many vouchers as you want within the 50% Xtra promotion time frame.

Contact us

Do you have any questions about our 50% Xtra Voucher offer? Send us an email and let us know.