50% XTRA 2023

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A great Christmas present to yourself or someone else

The Best Beer Offer Ever

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What Can I Spend My 50% XTRA Voucher On?


Draught beer in the brewery TapHouse


Street Food and Pizzas





How Does It Work?


3 Easy Steps


Buy a 50% Xtra


We’ll email you your unique code for use online and you can pick up a 50% Voucher card from the TapHouse for use at the Bar.


Start ordering your beer & food from 2nd Jan 2024

Disruption Is Cooking…

The TapHouse kitchen is getting a tasty new makeover.
Hungry yet?

Questions & Answers


When will I receive my beer?

You will receive your beer within a few days of redeeming your voucher. As we expect there to be a large volume of sales during this period, we will do our best to get you your beers as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience as we get your orders out to you. Deliveries will be sent out in order of when vouchers were redeemed.


Why are you charging for delivery?

We believe this promotion provides excellent value for money – unfortunately, it doesn’t stretch to the delivery companies part in the process. However, if you spend over £30 and live under 15 miles of the brewery or if you live over 15 miles and spend over £50 you will get free delivery.
We deliver anywhere across England and Wales.


When will I be able to spend my Vouchers?

We are hoping to get a great response to our 50% Xtra promotion so it will take a couple of weeks after the close to get everyone their vouchers.


Can I check my 50% Xtra balance?

You will be emailed a unique 50% Xtra Voucher code once you purchase your voucher. Use this link to find out how much money you have left - If you create a profile, you will be able to keep track of your balance, order history and other personal details.


Why do I have to give personal information?

We need this information to complete your delivery, process payment and protect against fraud.


How long is the offer available for?

We will run the offer until 23rd December 2023 unless we reach our target sooner.


Does the voucher expire?

All vouchers will be valid until midnight on 30th November 2024.


Why are you running this offer?

A number of reasons but essentially to allow us to build out the TapHouse kitchen so as to be able to make/serve our new TapHouse dISruption is Cooking Street Food with ATTITUDE menu.


Can I use my 50% XTRA Voucher in the TapHouse?

No, this is not possible. You will need to have your Card with you when you are in the TapHouse. You can use your online voucher in our web shop.
We will email you when your Card is ready and you just pop into TapHouse and pick it up. It will have your balance on it which will reduce as you spend.


What if I order more than my remaining Voucher Balance?

You can always pay the difference with your credit or debit card.


Can someone else use my card?

Yes. If you share you details with another person, they will essentially be redeeming your voucher’s value; as you. They will still have to enter the applicable delivery address so that they can get the beer sent to the right place.


How many vouchers can I buy?

You can buy as many vouchers as you want within the 50% Xtra promotion time frame. However, there are only 1000 vouchers available and when we reach our target no further Vouchers will be sold.


Why can't I redeem my offer now?

We're an independent family run craft brewery. This means exceptional taste but limited capacity. In order to meet demand and avoid any disappointment, we need to know how much beer to brew in advance. We appreciate your understanding and support.


Can I use discounts on top of my 50% Xtra voucher code?

Other discounts or coupon codes can be used independently but not combined with the 50% Xtra code. We feel the 50% Xtra is an excellent deal by itself.

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