This is our current range and does not include the seasonal runners. Those marked with * are brewed continuously and others are generally brewed to order. It’s always worth calling us as we may have stock? Call our order hotline 01276 681696 or fill in the Online Form.

Final Furlong *

Best Bitter, ABV 4.2%

Our flagship Bitter pours a rich copper colour with a sweet malt taste and toffee notes. This is perfectly balanced with the hops providing a sharp bitterness, with a strong citrus and tropical fruit aromas.

Anastasia’s *

Stout, ABV 5.0%

Deep and complex stout full of roasted coffee and bitter chocolate flavours with oats to give a smooth mouthfeel. The bitterness is balanced by a silky smooth finish.

5/4 Favourite *

Golden Ale, ABV 4.6%

Refreshing Golden Ale with a wonderful hoppy nose from Cascade hops. Light, fresh and crisp with floral hop notes. A real thirst quencher that’s popular with both lager & ale drinkers.

Gold Cup *

Golden Ale, ABV 4.0%

Light golden ale with intense citrus grapefruit aromas from Cascade and Chinook hops. Very refreshing Golden Ale with a strong hop character.

Thoroughbred *

IPA, ABV 4.6%

Copper IPA with a regular malt base to highlight the different variety of hops used in each brew. Expect a balanced malt backbone with a true display of each hop’s unique character.

Starting Gate

Session Bitter, ABV 3.8%

A terrific copper-coloured Session Bitter packed with refreshing tropical fruit + lemon aromas. A highly drinkable and well balanced beer.

On The Rails

Session Dark Beer, ABV 3.8%

Dark session beer with a sophisticated blend of malts and distinctive hop character to give fresh, light coffee aromas. Well-rounded and very quaffable.

Dark Horse

Porter, ABV 4.5%

Smooth porter with deep chestnut colour delivering subtle hop notes followed by coffee malt flavour then rich chocolate at the finish.


IPA, ABV 5.0%

IPA with hop-forward aromas of pine and citrus from Summit hops balanced by spicy sweet malt notes. The dry hopping gives extra citrus hop flavours.

On The Nose

Red IPA, ABV 5.5%

Red IPA brewed with a heavy dose of American hops for a full aroma of citrus and grapefruit. With balanced malts and generous hop flavours. Good lingering bitterness to finish.


American Rye, ABV 5.0%

Spicy American rye beer with new world hops that has a citrus aroma. A complex and intriguing beer that balances fruity spicy malt with the hoppy bitterness.